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The Academy is a non-profit, multidisciplinary dental sleep medicine education provider focused on collaborative training and education.

Our practitioners focus in the fields of sleep-related breathing disorders, temporomandibular joint disorders, and craniofacial pain. The Academy is comprised of an administrative team and advisory board, as well as curriculum experts and practicing clinicians. academics, and patient advocates.

Our focus is on collaborative care: physician and dentist working together for the best patient outcome. We believe that communication is fostered through a common understanding of sleep medicine science, which is why our Academic Certificate covers both the medical and dental science of sleep. Our goal is to increase the knowledge and clinical performance of our members through our continuing education programs and rigorous credentialing process which includes board review of cases.

The Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorder Disciplines was founded in 2009 to provide dentists and clinical teams with online, on-demand access to academically rigorous education and credentialing built upon evidence-based, multidisciplinary scholarship of sleep-related breathing disorders, TMD, and Craniofacial Pain. The Academy believes in a multidisciplinary paradigm inclusive of dentists, physicians and clinical team members who interact with and/or provide treatment for sleep-breathing disorders, TMD, or pain.


Kathryn Hansen

Executive Director

Ross Ford

Volunteer Assistant to the Director

Scott Emmick

Program Marketing
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