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Dr Lee Surkin Headshot

Dr. Surkin is a private practitioner in cardiology, sleep medicine and obesity medicine.

He is one of a small group of physicians to be triple board certified in cardiology, sleep medicine and nuclear cardiology. He founded Carolina Sleep in Greenville, NC in 2009 – the only dedicated sleep medicine practice in eastern NC. Carolina Sleep is a full-service sleep medicine practice offering in-center and home sleep testing with comprehensive clinic evaluation and management. Carolina Sleep offers a multifaceted approach to treatment including PAP therapy, Provent (1st practice in the state to offer Provent), and a medically supervised weight loss program. He has forged successful relationships with ENTs and dental sleep physicians and has demonstrated leadership by introducing new and innovative testing and treatment modalities. n 2012, Dr. Surkin founded the American Academy of Cardiovascular Sleep Medicine which is a not-for-profit academic organization dedicated to educating healthcare providers, supporting research and increasing public awareness of the convergence between cardiovascular disease and sleep disorders. In 2014, Dr. Surkin created a new multi-specialty practice called Carolina Clinic for Health and Wellness which combines his specialties with primary care, gynecology, behavioral health and medical spa.

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