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Dental Sleep Medicine: A Global Standard of Care

Untreated Sleep Disordered Breathing is a problem of epic proportions; hundreds of millions of people worldwide are affected. Lack of care kills millions of people every year. Comorbid conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s are caused by and exacerbated by untreated sleep-related breathing disorders, costing global healthcare systems billions of dollars annually.

The Academy is committed to spreading access and raising awareness of treatment options, specifically Oral Appliance Therapy, delivered by qualified dentists. Our online and on-demand dental sleep medicine education and credentialing, clinical training and marketing programs have implemented our proven dental sleep medicine methodology in practices across the United States. We are actively seeking partners to bring this model to the international community.

Currently we offer programming in Canada through the Canadian ACSDD (CACSDD), and are seeking to add partners in more regions. If you are interested in opening a local study group or local chapter of the ACSDD, please fill out the form below.

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