About the ACSDD

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The Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorders Disciplines is a unique organization dedicated to meeting the needs of our members with clinical solutions. Providing cutting-edge, evidence-based sleep disorders knowledge to our members is our goal. read more

The ACSDD Curricula

Our Credentialing

The ACSDD is the only organization that offers an entirely online and on-demand, step-by-step approach to Dental Sleep Medicine Credentialing.  read more

Introducing the CACSDD

Introducing the CACSDD

Canadian practitioners face a unique set of challenges.  Dr. David Rawson, CACSDD Founder & President, created the ACSDD’s sister organization to address and find solutions to these challenges with a made-in-Canada solution. read more…


Our 24/7 Channel: SleepBetter.tv

Building a strong internet presence shouldn’t be expensive. Mr. Jim Evans, Vice President of Sequence Media Group, invites you to join SleepBetter.tv and create fully-personalized, fully-customized, and fully-syndicated internet video content for a fraction of the cost. read more

Industry Affiliation Spotlight: N3Sleep / DreamSleep™

The ACSDD is proud to offer its dental members access to N3Sleep and the DreamSleep Certified Provider Network.  This relationship provides dental practitioners with a whole-practice solution for the successful implementation and sustainability of a Dental Sleep Medicine practice.  By becoming a DreamSleep Certified Provider, dentists and their team members can tap into N3Sleep’s robust suite of services, pick what they need (not what they don’t) and utilize their DreamSleep Certified Provider status to start or grow their dental sleep medicine practice.  Learn more >>

SleepBetter.tv: Featured Video

SleepBetter.tv is a new education & marketing tool brought to you by the Academy. Use the power and 24/7 availability of the internet to help potential patients find you and your practice. SleepBetter.tv is a revolutionary, yet inexpensive, new video production and syndication technology that helps potential patients in your geographic area who are actively searching the internet find you and your practice.