About the ACSDD

Our Organization

The Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorders Disciplines is a unique organization dedicated to meeting the needs of our members with clinical solutions. Providing cutting-edge, evidence-based sleep disorders knowledge to our members is our goal. read more

The ACSDD Curricula

Our Credentialing

The ACSDD is the only organization that offers an entirely online and on-demand, step-by-step approach to Dental Sleep Medicine Credentialing.  read more

Introducing the CACSDD

Introducing the CACSDD

Canadian practitioners face a unique set of challenges.  Dr. David Rawson, CACSDD Founder & President, created the ACSDD’s sister organization to address and find solutions to these challenges with a made-in-Canada solution. read more…


Our 24/7 Channel: SleepBetter.tv

Building a strong internet presence shouldn’t be expensive. Mr. Jim Evans, Vice President of Sequence Media Group, invites you to join SleepBetter.tv and create fully-personalized, fully-customized, and fully-syndicated internet video content for a fraction of the cost. read more

SleepBetter.tv: Featured Video

SleepBetter.tv is a new education & marketing tool brought to you by the Academy. Use the power and 24/7 availability of the internet to help potential patients find you and your practice. SleepBetter.tv is a revolutionary, yet inexpensive, new video production and syndication technology that helps potential patients in your geographic area who are actively searching the internet find you and your practice.