ACSDD Membership offers the following and more for you and your practice:

  • Three dental sleep medicine certification tiers for recognition at your level of expertise

  • On-line, on-demand certification processes for you and your office staff

  • On-line, on-demand curriculum

  • Cutting-edge conferences

  • Our affiliation with the American Academy of Cardiovascular Sleep Medicine

  • Our affiliation with the Atlanta School of Sleep Medicine

  • Reduced conference/curriculum fees for Members

  • ADA-CERP recognized CEs

  • Our Consortium for Dental Sleep Medicine Initiative

  • Value-Adds for your practice and your practice’s future

  • Unique interdisciplinary paradigm

  • World-class customer service to meet your needs and your needs alone

  • No politics, no hidden agendas, no favorites and immediate access to the Executive Director and Director of Operations always.

Call 800.261.1809 for more details about membership.