ACSDD Regional Groups

Bringing the ACSDD to You.

Defining the Need for Regional ACSDD Groups

The continual advancement of the field of interdisciplinary Sleep Medicine requires the creation of locally-inspired and homegrown groups developed and supported through the co-operation of dentists, physicians, and all other sleep healthcare practitioners in those areas.

Each ACSDD regional group operationalizes the ACSDD’s interdisciplinary model taking into account the unique regional dynamics as they pertain to the diagnosis, treatment, management, and reimbursement for sleep disorders.

The launch of the first ACSDD Regional Group – the East Coast Division – marks the beginning of a long-range plan to create these regional networks of like-minded dentists, physicians, and other sleep healthcare practitioners working together in a common geographical location autonomously guided by the interdisciplinary philosophy of the ACSDD.

Regional Group Mission

The ACSDD has always had one promise: to put the needs of its membership first and foremost.  It’s a simple yet revolutionary promise, one that few organizations can say they are committed to, and even fewer can say they can deliver on.

The ACSDD is fulfilling this promise by bringing our interdisciplinary paradigm to your geographical locale.  Regional groups will:

  1. Be made up of a network of like-minded sleep professionals.
  2. Hold study clubs to advance the understanding of sleep disorders.
  3. Plan and run regional conferences.
  4. Negotiate with regional payers.