Guiding Principles

  1. Evidence-based practice is the future of dental sleep medicine
  2. Expert training for dentists and health-care practitioners in proven dental sleep medicine practices will greatly improve the quality of life for patients
  3. Staying current with research, clinical knowledge and competency is the best guarantee of effective, efficient, and compassionate treatment for patients
  4. Collaboration between dentists, physicians and health-care practitioners in the treatment of sleep breathing disorders improves the level of care

Organizational Goals

  1. To serve the needs of our members by delivering sustained outstanding customer service
  2. To expose our members to the most recent, evidenced-based sleep-disorders knowledge
  3. To engage dental sleep medicine experts for the benefit of our members
  4. To remain totally unbiased, nonpolitical and inclusive
  5. To assist our members in earning a credential at their level of expertise
  6. To advocate for our members and the future of dental sleep medicine through all of our activities