ACSDD Consortium Gets a Boost

Members and Friends: I am pleased and honored to report I have been named Co-Chair of Congressman Ben Quayle's Health Care Coalition. In June, while speaking for the ACSDD Consortium Initiative, I had the opportunity to present to Mr. Quayle the case of untreated OSA and its cost on human life and its tremendous drain on our health care system. I was able to speak for the ACSDD member dentists on reimbursement issues, on educating the public, and on educating physicians -- our three Consortium initiatives led by Drs. Ellen Crean and Mark Paschen and Mr. Omar Perez. Congressman Quayle is taking action, and not just rattling swords, to bring reform to our health care system -- which is quite broken. He is sponsoring bills that will make much needed change. I intend to work with him to help ACSDD dentists secure appropriate insurance reimbursement for oral appliances and to help solve the many other issues dentists face when practicing dental sleep medicine. Our next Consortium meeting will take place on October 18th, 2012, the day before our October 19th-20th conference in Phoenix, AZ at the Ritz Carlton: Multiple Care Pathways for the OSA Patient. Details are on the ACSDD website. I am proud to energize the Consortium effort to help Mr. Quayle bring positive change to US health care reform. Cordially, Dr. Mike

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The Comprehensive Cone Beam Program

Join ACSDD Diplomate and faculty member Dale Miles, DDS, for the “The Comprehensive Cone Beam Program “ in Phoenix, Arizona, October 4-6, 2012 at the Ritz-Carlton Phoenix. Dr. Miles' CBCT experience consists of a three-day comprehensive CE program for potential CBCT buyers and existing owners of cone beam machines who want additional training with this technology. Dr. Miles' organization is offering 18 continuing education credits for the complete program. The cost to attend this course is $1995.00. The fee includes Dr. Miles Cone Beam CT Atlas, 2nd edition. For more information click here.

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Read more about Rondeau Seminars & ACSDD alliance

The ACSDD is now working collaboratively with Dr. Brock Rondeau and his organization, Rondeau Seminars. Dr. Rondeau brings to his vast network of dentists the ACSDD capabilities of on-line training, certification, membership, and conferences. Moreover, Dr. Rondeau's courses in TMD and Sleep count toward the CE requirement for both ACSDD Diplomate and Fellow certification as do other ADA- and/or AGD-recognized courses from continuing education providers in the field. Additionally, Dr. Brock Rondeau and Dr. Dawne Slabach have agreed to serve as our beta testers for the new on-demand ACSDD Diplomate certification training process. I am confident we will soon be announcing them both as distinguished ACSDD Diplomates. Watch for more information on the ACSDD on-demand Diplomate process.

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Sleep Apnea and Silent strokes: Breaking News!

According to research presented at the American Stroke Association's International Stroke Conference. Ninety-one percent (51 of 56) of the patients who had a stroke had sleep apnea and were more likely to have silent strokes and white matter lesions that increased risk of disability at hospital discharge. Check out the statement from the American Heart Association here.

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National Initiative for Children’s Healthcare Quality

What is it? The National Initiative for Children's Healthcare Quality (NICHQ) is a non-profit, independent quality improvement organization founded in 1999.  This group seeks to create more effective and efficient healthcare delivery systems for children, improving children's care and overall well-being.  You can check out the site here. NICHQ’s current initiatives are: the prevention and treatment of childhood obesity; improving care systems for children with special healthcare needs; and improving perinatal care. Why should you care? NICHQ's additional foci include attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, diabetes, asthma, and oral health, among others. All these conditions, including childhood obesity and the unique health issues of children with special needs, are demonstrated in the literature to be linked to sleep breathing disorders.  Although it's often a chicken-and-egg discussion, the connection between these conditions and sleep breathing disorders is well documented. The NICQH asserts the importance of children receiving care within the Medical Home (our discussion for next week), which means a medical practitioner takes charge of coordinating the patient's care with other medical providers. The dentist's role, as well as the importance of other types of healthcare practitioners is not discussed. ACSDD member dentists have an opportunity to contribute to NICQH's discussion of childhood obesity.  You see patients every six months, you know what to look for in terms of sleep disordered breathing in children, and you are acutely aware of the importance of collaboration with medical colleagues in identifying and treating these disorders in children. The site has been thoroughly explored by your Academy.  Joining the site is free and it gives you access to the task forces, the research, and a variety of discussion boards.  We've created a discussion board on the site intended specifically for [...]

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What is PCORI? Why should you care?

What is PCORI? PCORI stands for Patient Centered Outcomes Research Initiative. Put simply, PCORI is a private organization interested in what patients think about current treatment systems within U.S. healthcare and users' experience of that care. According to PCORI's mission, patients and their preferences should be at the center of care. PCORI does not seek to steer patients toward any one option, but instead wants to serve as a trusted source of information for patients and caregivers alike. You can check out the PCORI site here Dr. Joe Selby, the director of PCORI, describes PCORI's focus as one that concentrates on patient engagement and he asserts the value PCORI places on public feedback about systems of care and the care itself. Although central to the Initiative, the definition of "patient centered outcomes research" is in the process of being finalized, following a period of public comment from practitioners and patients across the country. PCORI seeks to work with practitioners and patients to provide patients and their caregivers answers to these questions: “Given my personal characteristics, conditions and preferences, what should I expect will happen to me?” “What are my options and what are the benefits and harms of those options?” “What can I do to improve the outcomes that are most important to me?” “How can the health care system improve my chances of achieving the outcomes I prefer?” Why should you care? Dentists practicing Dental Sleep Medicine are providing a treatment option that has been slowly and surely attracting more and more proponents. The evidence for Dental Sleep Medicine's success and high rates of patient acceptance and subsequent compliance is mounting. PCORI is an organization trying hard to hear patient voices and to create [...]

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Setting the stage: 2006 Institute of Medicine Report

Institute of Medicine (IOM). (2006).  Sleep Disorders and Sleep Deprivation. Washington, D.C.:  National Academies Press Although the report was published in 2006, Sleep Disorders and Sleep Deprivation is a report of which the dental sleep medicine practitioner should be acutely aware. The report is available in hard copy and the PDF version is free to download from  Just search for the report by its title. What does the Institute of Medicine say? The IOM's Sleep Disorders and Sleep Deprivation describes sleep loss and sleep disorders as “among the most common yet frequently overlooked and readily treatable health problems” (p. 56). The 425 page report recognizes the shortage of practitioners trained to identify and treat sleep breathing disorders, as well as the lack of funding by organizations such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and others to address what the literature is showing to be a continuum of diseases with increasing prevalence in the United States. Sadly, this lengthy examination of what the IOM calls an “unmet health problem” does not sufficiently explore the role and importance of the dental practitioner in identification and management of sleep breathing disorders. In their discussion of treatment options, the authors of the IOM report understand the research to demonstrate that patients are most effectively treated with CPAP and weight loss, but, they admit, “the problem is that many patients are non-compliant” (p. 75).  Dental appliances are called “less effective,” indicated only when a dental problem is “etiologically related” (p.303) and are given only a passing mention (exactly twice throughout the whole report). In its detailed recommendations, the IOM asserts the importance of support by the NIH, academe, and private foundations to develop an adequate workforce to address [...]

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Doing “good science”: an ACSDD initiative

The Dental Sleep Medicine field continues to expand rapidly as increasing numbers of Dentists are becoming involved in the collaborative effort required to identify and manage sleep breathing disorders. As the field grows, so too does the complexity of each practitioner's needs.  The ACSDD is proud of its innovative continuing education and certification programs grounded in evidence-based clinical practice and current scientific research. However, as more of our member dentists expand their scope of practice to include Dental Sleep Medicine, we want to ensure that that our members are aware of not only what the research says but also what's happening policy-wise on a national and international level. The ACSDD's latest blog initiative, Good Science, is designed to keep our members up-to-date on the latest in Dental Sleep Medicine, specifically regarding the clinical research and scholarship dictating national and international healthcare policy that ultimately affects the Dental Sleep Medicine scope of practice. We recognize the need for quality research and education in Dental Sleep Medicine as well as an understanding of the national and international healthcare policy from which the research derives.  This is why we are very excited about Good Science and its value to our members.      

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Read more about the ACSDD/BioRESEARCH Relationship

BioRESEARCH Associates, Inc., and the Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorders Disciplines:  Furthering the Art and Science of Dental Sleep Medicine, Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD), and Craniofacial Pain by Finding Synergies The Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorders Disciplines (ACSDD) and BioRESEARCH Associates, Inc., are pleased to announce their relationship. The synergistic effort of these two organizations marks an important milestone in the continuing development and growth of the field of Dental Sleep Medicine, TMD, and Pain. Bio-RESEARCH Associates, Inc., develops and produces objective diagnostic aids for the TM Joint, craniofacial muscles, occlusion, jaw movement and position.  Joint Vibration AnalysisTM is used by dentists treating OSA and snoring to ensure they don’t exacerbate a subclinical TMJ issue with their snoring appliance.  Additionally, BioRESEARCH serves healthcare practitioners across the United States in both private and academic institutions and boasts a growing global network. The ACSDD brings to the BioRESEARCH dental network its multidisciplinary Academy model, world-class on-line training curriculum in Sleep, TMD, and Pain, its on-line Fellows and Diplomate certification processes, outstanding biannual conference series, and unbeatable member services. Mr. Nate Krey, Domestic  Sales Director for BioRESEARCH Associates, Inc., said, “This is an excellent opportunity for BioRESEARCH to partner with an organization that values objective diagnostics in craniofacial physiology.  Members may differ on their choice of treatment, but they all understand that a thorough diagnosis must come before treatment.” Greg Kamyszek, Executive Vice President of BioRESEARCH, said, “Our partnering with the ACSDD will benefit our clients worldwide.  With solid distribution in Brazil, Russia, India, and China, we have clients and universities worldwide that will benefit from the ACSDD Fellow and Diplomate highly rigorous credentialing programs.” ACSDD Founder and Executive Director, Dr. Michael J. Krahe, states,  “The ACSDD desires [...]

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October/November News to Members & Friends of the ACSDD

Greetings, Members and Friends of the Academy: The Old Griz has been very busy these past few months! Here's News to Share! In September, I attended the World Association of Sleep Medicine (WASM) conference in Quebec, Canada. Dr. Gilles Lavigne was instrumental in introducing me to many at that conference and helped me to make connections with sleep physicians across the globe. Then, in October, we had our Fall Conference at the Phoenix Ritz-Carlton: Pediatric OSA: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention. Not only was attendance at a record high, but the speakers were very well received by all those who attended. If your schedule did not permit you to attend, you can still benefit.  Purchase the lectures here. Two opportunities in November helped to carry the Academy Mission far and wide. I journeyed to Toronto for the AACP Canada Sleep Symposium, and I was invited to a Rondeau Seminar in Las Vegas to introduce the ACSDD. At both events, your Academy was very well received. A a result of these visits, we continue to grow! And here is more good news. Along with education in dental sleep medicine, your Academy will soon be offering online education in TMD and Craniofacial/Oral Pain. Now you will be able to get world-class training from the comfort and convenience of you home or office. Watch your ACSDD website for more courses as they come on line. In this way your Academy becomes a total training provider. Another exciting announcement is our launch of our on-line Sleep Technologist training. Dr. Ellen Crean and ACSDD Technologist Liaison Jeremy Andra have spearheaded this incredible effort. This curriculum will provide outstanding advanced on-line training to the sleep technologist. Feel free to spread the word [...]

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