The ACSDD Diplomate Credential

This ACSDD Credential is designed for the dental practitioner who has already acquired 45 CEs in Dental Sleep Medicine, 15 of which are in TMD.  Additionally, he or she has already garnered a minimum of 20 patient cases.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Be a current Member in good standing of the ACSDD;
  • Have been in post-graduate clinical practice for a minimum of five (5) years;
  • Hold valid dental licensure and certify as to liability coverage;
  • Have completed a minimum of 45 continuing education credits in Dental Sleep Medicine over the previous two years, with 15 hours in that total dedicated solely to Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMD);
  • Have garnered a minimum of 20 eligible clinical cases;
  • Have submitted a Certification Portfolio (PDFs provided below) which has been accepted by the ACSDD Portfolio Review Committee;
  • Have completed the ACSDD Academic Certificate (see below).

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Certification Process

All candidates must complete the Diplomate Certification Portfolio. The specific required data for the Portfolio is found in the downloadable PDF packet here.

Additionally, all candidates must have completed the ACSDD Academic Certificate to be considered for the Diplomate Credential. To get information on the ACSDD Academic Certificate & to register for it online, click here.

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Registration Fees & Timeline

The Diplomate Credential registration fee is $500.00. The interested ACSDD member must gather the required data, complete the required forms in their entirety, and submit the completed Portfolio to the ACSDD office along with the required fee.  A nonrefundable portfolio review fee of $300 will be charged if the portfolio is rejected.

If the interested member has questions about Diplomate Certification procedures, the Certification Portfolio, or fees, please contact Andrew, the ACSDD Director of Operations, at, or call him at 814-490-2019.  Or call Michael Krahe, Ph.D., The ACSDD Executive Director, at 814-881-7020.

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Benefits & Additional Credentialing Options

As an Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorders Disciplines Diplomate, the individual will be recognized as having completed a rigorous credentialing process in dental sleep medicine.

In addition to recognition inside the Academy, the Diplomate can be acknowledged outside the Academy in his or her dental practice through the addition of new procedures in dental sleep medicine in the dental practice, increasing the patient base and revenue.

The ACSDD Diplomate can also begin to build relationships with physicians by now demonstrating the knowledge base achieved in both the dental and medical aspects through the ACSDD Diplomate Credential.

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Diplomate Responsibilities

Diplomates must maintain their Academy membership yearly and provide the Academy with any change of office address. Additionally, it is critical to keep their email address current with the Academy because most of our communication to Diplomate is via email.

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The ACSDD provides medical/clinical/dental science education for dentists treating sleep disorders through the use of oral appliances. The ACSDD provides neither consultancy nor advice on particular patients and/or individual patient care decisions. The ACSDD is not responsible or liable for individual patient’s course of treatment, advice, diagnosis, drug, and device application or other information, services, or products. There is no substitute for a one-on-one evaluation by a competent healthcare professional, and specific information regarding any particular circumstance cannot be provided without such evaluation. The ACSDD advises and recommends that certified dentists consult with qualified licensed physicians in guiding treatment of individual patients. The ACSDD does not recommend or endorse dentists or physicians. Certification by the ACSDD evidences successful completion of the ACSDD coursework; it does not signify or imply any relationship whatsoever between the certified individual and the ACSDD. Certification shall have no presumed relevance with regard to third-party payers, legal proceedings, or other similar matters.   The ACSDD assumes no liability or responsibility for any legal action that may be taken against any practitioner with regards to any ACSDD courses or ACSDD certifiying processes provided to any individual.

The ACSDD reserves the right to update and/or modify  all web content at its discretion.