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Sleep Connect Training Program Information

October 4, 5 and 6, 2012 Patterson Dental Roseville, California Register by September 25, 2012 Sleep Connect Inc. is a technology and practice management company dedicated to enhancing the quality, efficiency, and profitability for practices treating obstructive sleep apnea. Sleep Connect Inc. will be presenting a comprehensive three day start-to-finish course in Dental Sleep Medicine. The turnkey Sleep Connect Training Program, offers the most efficient and thorough method for incorporating Dental Sleep Medicine into your office. The course objective is designed to give you an understanding of the following. • The basics of Sleep Medicine • AASM Practice Parameters for Oral Appliance Therapy • Effective screening programs • Diagnosis with Polysomnography and Home Sleep Tests • Protocols for Oral Appliance Therapy • Dental laboratory communications – Jim Addigo • Diagnostic instrumentation – JVA, Rhinometry and Pharyngometry • Tracking patients • Guideline for documentation of evaluation and management services • Web based Sleep Connect Practice Management Program • Insurance billing • Contracting with HMO and PPO • Compliance and efficacy monitoring • Communicating with physicians • Techniques for managing the production, collection and efficiency of your team • 18 CE Units • Visit our website at for more information and Hotel accommodations. Trainers: James B. DuHamel, DDS, DABDSM, FICCMO, is the founder and principle behind Sleep Connect/Oral Appliance Compliance Systems (OATCS). He has been practicing dentistry for 40 years. He has extensive experience in functional orthodontics, temporomandibular joint therapies and 15 years experience in oral sleep appliances. Dr. Deepak Shrivastava, MD. D.ABSM, D.ABIM, FCCP, FACP, FAASM, RPSGT, is a Professor of Internal Medicine, Sleep Medicine, Pulmonary and Critical Care at UC Davis School of Medicine, and he is Chief of Sleep, Critical Care and Pulmonary [...]

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Increase Website Traffic Via AdWords Quality Score

As you continue to improve traffic to your websites, here is an article that you might find informative and useful. Improving AdWords Quality Score By Deploy Dental Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) is without a doubt the fastest way to drive traffic to your website, and is especially effective when running a targeted campaign for a specific service offered. However, those with limited marketing dollars are often understandably concerned about spending too much per click. In this article, we'll take an in depth look at the most effective way to drive down this cost, which is to improve your AdWords Quality Score. If you have not already done so, we highly recommend a thorough reading of our previous articles on PPC to ensure other aspects of your campaign are all properly configured. Quality Score Components Quality Score measures the cumulative keyword relevancy across several aspects of your campaign. While the exact algorithm is a proprietary secret known only to Google, we do know the factors that comprise it. First, whenever a keyword is searched and triggers your ad, Google measures the relevancy of that word against (1) your advertisement, (2) the keywords you targeted, and (3) your website or landing page. Next, that result is calculated against the historical click through rate (CTR) experienced by that targeted keyword AND the historical CTR of your individual AdWords account. The end result is called Quality Score; measured on a scale of 1-10. The importance of this number becomes evident once you see that Quality Score is part of a much simpler equation that determines Ad Rank. Quality Score X Bid Price = Ad Rank Every time a potential client searches a term that triggers your ad, the [...]

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AZ Chiropractic Association & the ACSDD

The ACSDD is proud to announce that we have forged a working relationship with the Arizona Chiropractic Association led by Dr. Alan Immerman. This is an exciting announcement as it further expands the reach of the ACSDD’s multidisciplinary education philosophy. I will be working with Dr. Immerman in inviting chiropractors to connect with dentists and vise versa in the treatment of OSA. Further we will explore cross-lecturing, connecting our websites, joint research, and other projects. As an important aside, we are pleased and honored to have Jeffrey Mersky, DC, as one of our distinguished lecturers at our October 19-20, 2012 conference at the Ritz Carlton in Phoenix, AZ.

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ACSDD Consortium Gets a Boost

Members and Friends: I am pleased and honored to report I have been named Co-Chair of Congressman Ben Quayle's Health Care Coalition. In June, while speaking for the ACSDD Consortium Initiative, I had the opportunity to present to Mr. Quayle the case of untreated OSA and its cost on human life and its tremendous drain on our health care system. I was able to speak for the ACSDD member dentists on reimbursement issues, on educating the public, and on educating physicians -- our three Consortium initiatives led by Drs. Ellen Crean and Mark Paschen and Mr. Omar Perez. Congressman Quayle is taking action, and not just rattling swords, to bring reform to our health care system -- which is quite broken. He is sponsoring bills that will make much needed change. I intend to work with him to help ACSDD dentists secure appropriate insurance reimbursement for oral appliances and to help solve the many other issues dentists face when practicing dental sleep medicine. Our next Consortium meeting will take place on October 18th, 2012, the day before our October 19th-20th conference in Phoenix, AZ at the Ritz Carlton: Multiple Care Pathways for the OSA Patient. Details are on the ACSDD website. I am proud to energize the Consortium effort to help Mr. Quayle bring positive change to US health care reform. Cordially, Dr. Mike

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Read more about Rondeau Seminars & ACSDD alliance

The ACSDD is now working collaboratively with Dr. Brock Rondeau and his organization, Rondeau Seminars. Dr. Rondeau brings to his vast network of dentists the ACSDD capabilities of on-line training, certification, membership, and conferences. Moreover, Dr. Rondeau's courses in TMD and Sleep count toward the CE requirement for both ACSDD Diplomate and Fellow certification as do other ADA- and/or AGD-recognized courses from continuing education providers in the field. Additionally, Dr. Brock Rondeau and Dr. Dawne Slabach have agreed to serve as our beta testers for the new on-demand ACSDD Diplomate certification training process. I am confident we will soon be announcing them both as distinguished ACSDD Diplomates. Watch for more information on the ACSDD on-demand Diplomate process.

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Read more about the ACSDD/BioRESEARCH Relationship

BioRESEARCH Associates, Inc., and the Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorders Disciplines:  Furthering the Art and Science of Dental Sleep Medicine, Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD), and Craniofacial Pain by Finding Synergies The Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorders Disciplines (ACSDD) and BioRESEARCH Associates, Inc., are pleased to announce their relationship. The synergistic effort of these two organizations marks an important milestone in the continuing development and growth of the field of Dental Sleep Medicine, TMD, and Pain. Bio-RESEARCH Associates, Inc., develops and produces objective diagnostic aids for the TM Joint, craniofacial muscles, occlusion, jaw movement and position.  Joint Vibration AnalysisTM is used by dentists treating OSA and snoring to ensure they don’t exacerbate a subclinical TMJ issue with their snoring appliance.  Additionally, BioRESEARCH serves healthcare practitioners across the United States in both private and academic institutions and boasts a growing global network. The ACSDD brings to the BioRESEARCH dental network its multidisciplinary Academy model, world-class on-line training curriculum in Sleep, TMD, and Pain, its on-line Fellows and Diplomate certification processes, outstanding biannual conference series, and unbeatable member services. Mr. Nate Krey, Domestic  Sales Director for BioRESEARCH Associates, Inc., said, “This is an excellent opportunity for BioRESEARCH to partner with an organization that values objective diagnostics in craniofacial physiology.  Members may differ on their choice of treatment, but they all understand that a thorough diagnosis must come before treatment.” Greg Kamyszek, Executive Vice President of BioRESEARCH, said, “Our partnering with the ACSDD will benefit our clients worldwide.  With solid distribution in Brazil, Russia, India, and China, we have clients and universities worldwide that will benefit from the ACSDD Fellow and Diplomate highly rigorous credentialing programs.” ACSDD Founder and Executive Director, Dr. Michael J. Krahe, states,  “The ACSDD desires [...]

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October/November News to Members & Friends of the ACSDD

Greetings, Members and Friends of the Academy: The Old Griz has been very busy these past few months! Here's News to Share! In September, I attended the World Association of Sleep Medicine (WASM) conference in Quebec, Canada. Dr. Gilles Lavigne was instrumental in introducing me to many at that conference and helped me to make connections with sleep physicians across the globe. Then, in October, we had our Fall Conference at the Phoenix Ritz-Carlton: Pediatric OSA: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention. Not only was attendance at a record high, but the speakers were very well received by all those who attended. If your schedule did not permit you to attend, you can still benefit.  Purchase the lectures here. Two opportunities in November helped to carry the Academy Mission far and wide. I journeyed to Toronto for the AACP Canada Sleep Symposium, and I was invited to a Rondeau Seminar in Las Vegas to introduce the ACSDD. At both events, your Academy was very well received. A a result of these visits, we continue to grow! And here is more good news. Along with education in dental sleep medicine, your Academy will soon be offering online education in TMD and Craniofacial/Oral Pain. Now you will be able to get world-class training from the comfort and convenience of you home or office. Watch your ACSDD website for more courses as they come on line. In this way your Academy becomes a total training provider. Another exciting announcement is our launch of our on-line Sleep Technologist training. Dr. Ellen Crean and ACSDD Technologist Liaison Jeremy Andra have spearheaded this incredible effort. This curriculum will provide outstanding advanced on-line training to the sleep technologist. Feel free to spread the word [...]

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September News To Members & Friends of the ACSDD:

Allow me to share some exciting news with you. I have been invited to the World Academy of Sleep Medicine (WASM) to introduce the ACSDD. The meeting will take place in Quebec from September 10-14, 2011. This opportunity was made possible through the efforts of Drs. Cathy McGregor and David Rawson, two of our newest Diplomates and with the help of our great supporter Dr. Gilles Lavigne, Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Montreal. My personal thanks to each of them for this wonderful opportunity. You can find WASM at Update on Consortium Concept In addition to introducing the ACSDD to the conference-goers at WASM, I will be sharing my vision of the ACSDD Consortium concept. As I'm hopeful you are aware, the ACSDD Consortium concept has been launched, and we've gotten strong initial support. After meeting with the boards of the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain (AACP) and the International Association for Orthodontics (IAO) and others, interest in my consortium concept is growing rapidly. As you may recall, the purpose of the consortium is bring together, without politics, individual organizations to define and address the key issues facing dentists who work in dental sleep medicine. In the past, as you know, individual organizations have had no success in making any impact. It is an initiative to bring together individuals, groups, academic organizations, manufacturers, and the like to create an unified body to address systemic issues facing those in dental sleep medicine. The major function of the consortium is as follows: (1) to collectively develop an agenda of those critical items that we face, then (2) to collectively develop how we are going to address those items as a unified [...]

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