The ACSDD Academic Certificate

This ACSDD Certificate is designed for practitioners who are new to sleep medicine and require foundational medical and dental sleep medicine education.

This Certificate can help the interested practitioner demonstrate proficiency in sleep medicine to sleep physicians he or she wishes to build professional relationships with.   These relationships can translate into physician referrals resulting in increased income into the interested practitioner’s practice over the long term.

The interested practitioner can follow up with the ACSDD Diplomate Credential as he or she garners additional cases.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Be a current Member in good standing of the ACSDD;
  • Hold valid licensure and certify as to liability coverage with proof faxed to our office at 1-480-575-1164;
  • Have access to a high speed Internet connection.

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Certification Process

The certification process is online and on-demand.  The member-candidate must complete a reading list, on-demand lecture modules, and on-demand review modules, and he or she must then pass the examination.

To begin the process, the interested ACSDD member must submit his or her proofs of licensure and liability coverage to the ACSDD office.  The required reading list and links to the downloadable training and review modules will then be sent to the member.

The member has four months from date of download to complete the required reading, training, and review. He or she will then be instructed on how the examination will be administered.

The ACSDD On-Demand Materials

1) Reading List: The reading list is a downloadable zip file that unzips into a folder containing the required reading as PDFs.
2)  On-Demand Lecture Modules: The streamable on-demand lecture modules are designed to provide the core dental & medical knowledge.
3)  Review Modules: The streamable on-demand review modules are designed to refresh the examinee on key content areas to be tested.
4)  Exam:  The exam consists of 200 multiple-choice questions covering the ACSDD approved dental and medical curriculum.

Please Note: The examination can be retaken if you do not earn a passing score.  Cost to retake the examination is $500.00.  This fee includes 60-day access to the materials. If you fail the examination a second time, you are required to wait at least one year to begin the certification process again.

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Registration Fees & Timeline

Total cost for this certificate is $1500.  It is payable in full or in two (2)  installments of $768.75 billed automatically to your credit card thirty (days) days apart.

To register, just click on the red link/button below. Call Andrew, ACSDD Director of Operations, at 814.490.2019 with any questions.

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Benefits & Additional Credentialing Options

As an Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorders Disciplines Academic Certificate holder, the individual will be recognized as having successfully completed a rigorous learning process in sleep science and dental sleep medicine.

In addition to recognition inside the Academy, the individual can be acknowledged outside the Academy in his or her dental practice through the addition of new procedures in dental sleep medicine in the dental practice,  increasing both the patient base and revenue.

While not required, additional training and education can be gained through attendance at the ACSDD’s conferences, by the purchase of the online courses offered on the ACSDD website, and/or by continuing with the Fellow and then Diplomate credentialing processes.

Continuing on in the ACSDD Fellow and then Diplomate tracts will provide the interested member with further education and clinical experience.  The Diplomate credential is the highest honor an ACSDD member can attain.

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Holders of the Academic Certificate must maintain their ACSDD membership yearly and provide the Academy with any change of office address. Additionally, it is critical to keep their email address current with the Academy because most of our communication  is via email.

To register, just click on the red link/button below. Call Andrew, ACSDD Director of Operations, at 814.490.2019 with any questions.

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The ACSDD provides medical/clinical/dental science education for dentists treating sleep disorders through the use of oral appliances. The ACSDD provides neither consultancy nor advice on particular patients and/or individual patient care decisions. The ACSDD is not responsible or liable for individual patient’s course of treatment, advice, diagnosis, drug, and device application or other information, services, or products. There is no substitute for a one-on-one evaluation by a competent healthcare professional, and specific information regarding any particular circumstance cannot be provided without such evaluation. The ACSDD advises and recommends that certified dentists consult with qualified licensed physicians in guiding treatment of individual patients. The ACSDD does not recommend or endorse dentists or physicians. Certification by the ACSDD evidences successful completion of the ACSDD coursework; it does not signify or imply any relationship whatsoever between the certified individual and the ACSDD. Certification shall have no presumed relevance with regard to third-party payers, legal proceedings, or other similar matters.  The ACSDD assumes no liability or responsibility for any legal action that may be taken against any practitioner with regards to any ACSDD courses or ACSDD certifiying processes provided to any individual.

The ACSDD reserves the right to update and/or modify  all web content at its discretion.

Due to the intellectual nature of the Academic Certificate, all sales are final.