According to a recent cross-country comparative analysis conducted by the Rand Corporation, insufficient sleep not only causes adverse effects on health, well-being, and productivity, but also has far reaching global economic implications.  The study found that insufficient sleep:

  1. Costs the United States $411 billion annually
  2. Results in the equivalent loss of 1.23 million working days annually
  3. Is linked to higher mortality risk.

Though the findings above highlight costs associated with sleep deprivation in the United States, the Rand Corporation has provided comparative-quantitative figures that define the scale of this worldwide “public health problem.”  Download Why Sleep Matters eBook.

By managing your existing patients’ sleep-related breathing disorders, you are in a unique position to combat this “public health problem” while adding revenue to your existing practice.  The ACSDD invites you to become a qualified dental sleep medicine practitioner with our entirely online and on-demand Academic Certificate in Dental Sleep Medicine.  Register for the Academic Certificate before Dec. 9th and receive a little something extra from us!