Setting the Stage: Collaborative Care Networks Across the Disciplines

Dr. Crean has spent over 25 years in the dental and medical community providing care to patients.

Dr. Crean started her career in health care as a Registered Dental Hygienist holding a Masters Degree in Public Health. After earning her Dental Degree, Dr. Crean spent 10 years working in craniofacial pain and TMD. She also spent ample time with sleep patients as a partner in the Craniofacial Pain and Sleep Center of Arizona. While working with this special group of patients & practitioners it became apparent to Dr. Crean that the correlation between orofacial anatomy and sleep breathing disorders was an area that needed further research. This led her to pursue her second terminal degree, a PhD in neurobiology with an emphasis in sleep medicine.

Combining dentistry, sleep medicine, and her unique paradigm to the field, Dr. Crean founded Sleep Alternatives, LLC. Sleep Alternatives partners with physicians, sleep technicians, respiratory therapists, and sleep labs to provide oral appliance therapy for patients suffering from sleep breathing disorders. This multidisciplinary approach to the treatment and management of sleep breathing disorders has helped Sleep Alternatives build 8 successful locations throughout Arizona and Utah.

Dr. Crean is also a partner in Kosmo Technologies, LLC, Per4maxPlus, LLC, Triton Medical Solutions, LLC, and Focus Sleep, LLC, and she is the founder of Transformational Alliances, LLC. All of these companies have their foundation in enhancing the field of sleep medicine and dental sleep medicine, a dedication Dr. Crean has held throughout her career.

Dr. Crean has taught nationally on oral appliance therapy for sleep breathing disorders. Her expertise focuses on the business, insurance and clinical aspects of oral appliance therapy. Her specialty areas are medical insurance, Medicare, Medical and Legal Documentation, as well as Establishing Productive Physician-Dentist Relationships in Sleep Medicine