Howdy, Pardners!! This is yer ol’ trail boss, Griz!!

I hope this message finds you well and enjoying the New Year. I have good news to share, from a new name to new faculty.

What’s in a Name?

As you may recall, I discussed the need to change the Academy name to more accurately reflect what we stand for. Our desire is to bridge the gap between the dentist and physician and all other relevant health-care practitioners in the treatment of sleep disorders. We are a collaboration of various disciplines in this regard. Our new name accurately conveys this: The Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorders Disciplines.

Even with our new name, we are able to retain our ACSDD brand, and we retain control of all our previously-owned web domains. Moreover, the changes to our printed materials and website are minimal. But, more importantly, we now clearly communicate that we are an Academy of Disciplines coming together to treat sleep disorders.

I want to thank all of you who shared your thoughts and considerations with me. Your input was most welcome and helpful, and I ask each of you to support our name change and continue to actively spread the word about your very different Academy.

New Year, New Faces

Allow me now to take a moment to introduce our new faculty members.

Our first appointment is Wendy L. Wright, MS, RN, ARNP, FNP, FAANP. A 1992 graduate of the Adult Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Program at Simmons College with a Master’s of Science in Adult Primary Care Nursing, Wendy earned Post-Master’s Degree Certification in Primary Care Nursing of The Family at Simmon’s College.

Presently, Wendy is an adult and family nurse practitioner and the owner of Wright & Associates Family Healthcare and Anderson Family Healthcare in Concord, New Hampshire. In addition, she is currently a Partner with Partners in Healthcare Education, a medical education company.

Wendy’s professional experiences are both broad and deep. She is an adjunct faculty member in the graduate nursing program at the University of Wyoming and is a senior lecturer with Fitzgerald Health Education Associates. Additionally, she lectures and speaks for a variety of medical, pharmaceutical, and nursing organizations. Also, she is the nurse practitioner representative to the State of New Hampshire Immunization Advisory Board.

Wendy is on Medscape’s Ask-the-Expert Nurse Practitioner website and is an editorial board member for Medscape’s e-journal. She is Editor-in-Chief of, a website devoted to meeting the clinical needs of Advanced Practice Clinicians. As a family nurse practitioner, she has also served as an expert witness in medical malpractice cases and is frequently consulted by malpractice attorneys around the area of clinical practice.

I am delighted to have Wendy as an Academy Faculty member. She will play in integral role in bringing the nearly 150,000 Nurse Practitioners to our Academy table in the treatment of sleep disorders.

I am also delighted to welcome a distinguished duo to our faculty ranks: Drs. Lynn and Edmund Lipskis. Lynn O. Lipskis, DDS, FAACP, D.AACP, D.ACSDD, and Edmund A. Lipskis, DDS, FAACP, FIAO, D.AACP, D.ACSDD, are 1981 graduates of Loyola University School of Dentistry and have been in private practice in general dentistry since that time, with Lynn now treating only TMD and sleep disorders.

Both Lynn and Ed have held associate clinical professorships at Loyola and both have completed over 2000 hours of post graduate continuing education in the areas of facial development, orthodontics, facial orthopedics, craniofacial pain, and sleep medicine. Ed has studied extensively with Dr. John Witzig, Dr. Dwight Damon, Dr. Derek Mahony, and Dr. Steven Olmos, and Lynn with Dr. John Witzig, Dr. Derek Mahony, and Dr. Steve Olmos.

I am delighted to have both Ed and Lynn as Academy Faculty members. This dynamic duo brings incredible knowledge and expertise to our Academy.

More News and Reminders

Rat Pack? Frank Sinatra? Tony Curtis? Robert Wagner? Hotel Valley Ho! I would like to remind you to register online for our upcoming conference on April 8 & 9, 2011 at the historic Hotel Valley Ho in Old Town Scottsdale. The conference, Multidisciplinary Treatment of Sleep-Disordered Breathing, has an all-star line-up of multidisciplinary experts.

Our next Exam Prep and Exam Refresher sessions are scheduled for May 27 & 28, and July 15 & 16, 2011, respectively, in Scottsdale, Arizona. The specific location will be posted on our website shortly. The Diplomate certification portfolio, which includes all required application materials, is on our website and can be downloaded at your convenience. Applications and payment must be in by April 19, 2011.

We will be traveling to Australia to attend the AACP Australia Symposium in March. We are excited to partner with our “friends down-under.” In addition to Australia, we have connected with India and the Middle East and will be expanding the Academy’s reach farther and farther.

Attention, Members and Faculty

We will be providing you with a brief Academy powerpoint presentation for your use should you find that you want to spread the word of your Academy to those whom you lecture or present to in your professional outreach. As you know, word of mouth is the most powerful influence tool we can use. The mini presentation will be emailed to you within the next two weeks.
Well, this Ol’ Cowboy has got to ride the fence line so I’ll be saying G’night. Till we ride again, keep your powder dry and your horse well fed!

–Dr. Mike