The Academy is proud to share our good news with our members: We have been recognized by both the American Dental Association and the Academy of General Dentistry as a continuing education provider. This means that our continuing education offerings are written to the rigorous standards of the ADA and the AGD and that, on behalf of our member-dentists, we are able to submit those credits to both organizations easily.

According to Jennifer, our Director of Scholarship & Compliance, the Continuing Education Office of the ADA was very impressed with our application and the structure and rigor inherent in our Continuing Education Program and in the Academy itself. The general rule of thumb for continuing education programs certified by the ADA is that they only receive one year of certification if the provider has not been in existence for less than a year. Although the Academy opened its doors December 17, 2009, the ADA awarded us three years. Our Director of Scholarship & Compliance states that this speaks to the rigor of the Academy and our drive to provide continuing education that excels in the field of Sleep Disorders Dentistry.

Our Director of Scholarship & Compliance is also in the process of acquiring certification to provide continuing medical education which will broaden the scope of our curriculum and expose our members to even more of the evidence-based science available.

Any questions can be directed to our Director of Scholarship & Compliance at